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About Us

I am the Founder of Inertia Tours, the largest tour operator to South Padre Island Texas. I own homes in Austin and South Padre and split time between them.

I am an avid Football guy coaching my Sons sonce they were 4 years old in the Championship Eanes ISD in Austin home of the Chaps at Westlake High. Nick Foles and Drew Brees threw there. I am passionate about my alma mater the Wisconsin Badgers football as well as my home state Minnesota Vikings. I still love all Texas teama and root for the Cowboys and Texans to our Longhorns and Aggies. My sons and I dirt bike swim surf play catch ride bike shoot guns and love to watch movies before bed. My life revolves around them

The 2 boys I have are aged 6 and 8 and share my love of the beach!!! I try to emulate my walk to the beach condos to cater to the needs of families like mine with budget in mind. I care about my guests as I know taking a vacation with children can be quite expensive and stressful. Everything I have I have earned myself and respect working class families like mine.

We offer :
EARLY CHECK IN / LATE CHECK OUT for a small additional fee
Book Mon/Tues/Wed nights for About 50% off the weekend prices!

Email us info@southpadretrips.com for our best deals or call us anytime